Ligurian BBQ

20.00 EUR (Per Booking)

All our apartments and houses allow to BBQ in the open air.

Book our Ligurian BBQ to savour exquisiite products enjouying time with family and friends. 24 hours advanced booking is requred. BBQ kit will be delivered in your apartment before 5 pm :

  • Countryside vegs to be sliced: zucchini, peppers, obergines, potatoes, salad variety  (availability according to season) 
  • Meat: baby sausages, rostelle, assorted kebabs
  • Alps cheese to be grilled
  • White or red wine Piemont grape varietyi (Gavi/Cortese/Bonarda/Dolcetto/Barbaresco)
  • White or red wineo Ligurian grape variety (Pigato/Vermentino/Ormeasco/Rossese)

Price is per person and includes charcoal.

Ligurian Cavagno (country basket)

30.00 EUR (Per Quantity)

Ideal for a snack, an aperitif or a typical dinner after a day at beach or after an excusion. Cavagno (the basket) is meant for two persons and includes :

Cavagno sfizio (Euro 30), aperitf or snack
-loaf of bread 0,5 kg
-olives patè
-extravergine Taggiasca olive oil 0,5 l
-local goat chees 
-garlic, salt pepper
-red wine ormeasco or rossese
-white wine pigato or vermentino (alternative to red one)

Cavagno ghiotto (Euro 40), lunch or dinner
-loaf of bread 0,5 kg
-olives patè
-extravergine Taggiasca olive oil 0,5 l
-local goat chees 
-garlic, salt pepper

-linguine pasta agnesi 0,5 kg
-pesto sauce
-lettuce and fresh veg from orchyard
-red wine ormeasco or rossese
-white wine pigato or vermentino (alternative to the red one)
-sweetbread from Genova

Our Olive Oil Extravergine Taggiasca

10.00 EUR (Per Quantity)

The olive tree of the Taggiasca variety is a very vigorous tree, widespread mainly in western Liguria, with particular relevance in the province of Imperia, where in fact it becomes the only cultivar.
The Territory of Imperia is perhaps the only one of the Italian provinces in which almost a single variety of olive trees is widespread, namely the Taggiasca, which is almost 99% cultivated.
It is one of the best varieties; from high oil yields of high quality so as to be qualified as the best in the world for the finesse of its organoleptic characteristics and for the perfect physical-chemical constants possessed. This is mainly the reason why the oils produced in the province of imperia are renowned all over the world.

for more info refer to : Prof. C. Carocci - Buzi,

Olio extravergine cold pressed 100% taggiasca variety 10 Euro per liter

  • 1 lt, bottle
  • 3 lt. can
  • 5 lt, can